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Digital marketing agency

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What services does our digital marketing agency provide?

Basic principles of our digital marketing agency

A complex approach

Our digital marketing agency use the full range of marketing tools, analyze the results and find the most effective channels and formats for your business

Data-Driven Marketing

Systematization of working with data from CRM systems and external sources to manage bids and optimize advertising campaigns

Focus on the user

We use different formats of interaction with the target audience, creating personalized advertising messages at different stages of the sales funnel

Regular reporting

Our partners always know what they are paying for, what work is being carried out and what is planned. We regularly provide reports that are understandable to each employee from the client side

A few words about us

We find the optimal channels of communication with the target audience of your business on the Internet, launch juicy and effective branding and performance advertising campaigns, analyze and optimize on the path to perfection.

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We know how to launch advertising campaigns so that they attract new customers and generate profit for your business


Digital marketing (also called interactive) involves the use of various digital channels for promotion.

This does not mean that the work of a digital marketing agency occurs only on the Internet. At the moment, there is a trend towards integrating online promotion into the offline environment.

For example, the use of traditional advertising methods to attract the target audience to the virtual world (QR codes in magazines or interactive street posters).

A full-service digital agency is distinguished by the fact that it offers the client a full range of advertising services, including the development, production and placement of advertising products in various media.

People turn to integrated marketing communications agencies because it is more convenient to work with them than with several contractors, each of whom takes on only part of the advertising services – the customer does not need to coordinate the actions of several organizations.

The efficiency of online promotion for full-cycle marketing agencies is much higher, since all possible advertising distribution channels are used: websites, forums, social networks, etc.

Internet marketing is the practical use of marketing tools on the Internet.

Internet marketing agencies use various promotion methods in order to get maximum response from consumers in the online space.

At the moment, promoting goods and services on the Internet is the most effective business marketing tool – a company or brand can contact its target audience directly, reducing the costs of advertising campaigns.

The effectiveness of Internet marketing in business communications agencies is assessed by several main indicators:

CTR (advertising click-through rate – how many interested users clicked on the material);
CPC (cost per click);
CPS (cost of sale – the amount of money spent on one sale).

There are also other indicators that need to be taken into account in different types of business


Marketing services include:

  • conducting research (analysis of the market, consumers, brand, competitors, etc.),
  • promotion using various channels,
  • branding (development and positioning of the “face” of the company),
  • bringing a new product or service to the market,
  • sales promotion.

Obviously, marketing technology agencies offer marketing outsourcing, which allows the customer to refuse to form their own marketing department and reduce promotion costs.

At the moment, all employees have the necessary certificates


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