Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you need a comprehensive approach in all areas: advertising, SEO, etc


​E-commerce promotion

We check the online store on more than 140 indicators, make test orders. We study topics and competitors. We see how well the interaction with clients has been worked out at each stage of the funnel, and draw up a plan of work in sprints of 3 months.

SEO website support

Regular SEO promotion with a fixed monthly fee.
Only white promotion methods, individual work plan for the site.

​Young website promotion

A set of works for new sites – initial optimization, sem. kernel, text on the main and natural links.

​SEO audit

Full in-depth analysis of the site, analogues of which are not on the market. We will check the site on more than 40 parameters, errors will be marked by the degree of criticality.

​Website promotion through articles

We will place an informative article with links to your site on popular sites. You will get natural links to the pages of your site.


​Website registration in directories and catalogs

Allows you to get natural links to your site, improves your site’s visibility in search engines.

​Directory administration

Allows you to get more users from directories. Keep track of statistics, reviews, increase the number of conversions to the site, earn awards in ratings, update and supplement information.

​One-time optimization tasks

Any work: sem.kernel, customization of webmasters, tags Title, Description, H1-H6, robots.txt files, sitemap, etc.

​Get a basic website analysis for free

  • Let’s define goals and objectives
  • Let’s analyze the site
  • Prepare a work plan and estimate

​How are websites promoted in 2024?

Search engines have changed their algorithms! Classic promotion does not work anymore. It is impossible to promote the site, only by purchasing links or simply optimizing texts. Moreover, beginners are in a hurry and make mistakes, and the site can go to the ban for a long time.And search engines every month change algorithms. Their goal is to show the most useful and convenient sites.
What matters to searchers in 2024:

  • ​the business behind the site
  • ​mobile adaptability
  • ​site loading speed
  • ​useful content (text, video, pictures) according to LSI and E-A-T standards
  • ​commercial factors (details, etc.)
  • ​social signals (social media mentions)
  • ​non-SEO links (directories, maps, search engine services)
  • ​Website usability (time on site, number of pages visited)
  • ​basic optimization (https, duplicates, 404, Title, Description)
  • ​advanced snippet, presentation of the site in search results

​Website Promotion

– is a set of works to attract targeted traffic from the organic (natural) output of search engines. The purpose of search engine promotion – improving the position of the site in search engines, as well as placing the site in all services of search engines, all this gives an increase in traffic and increase the number of leads received from the site.Only complex work with the site gives visible results. We work in accordance with the licenses of search engines, it means that we do not do dubious work on the purchase of links or behavioral factors.

Why you should trust us with website promotion

​​Guaranteed white SEO

​We don't buy links, even eternal ones, we don't use behavioral factors, we don't use spam texts. We work only on improving the site and attracting customers from search - as required by search engines.

​You know what we do

​You have full control over our work. We coordinate the strategy and tactics of implementation, justify all the changes we plan to make to the site. You always have a choice.

​​We don't buy links

​Search engines penalize buying links for SEO. The only legal way approved by Google is to place information about the company in popular directories, which is what we do.

​We acquire customers

​You can easily bring low-frequency queries to the top and attract cold traffic that is not ready to buy. Our task is to bring a client, not just attract traffic. Cold traffic - we warm it up by setting up retargeting, hot traffic - we persuade it to buy by managing its reputation.

​​We don't just do SEO, we do full-scale search marketing - SEM

​There are many ways to attract clients from search, use them all. For example, for the local query "lawyer's services near home", maps and directories are at the top of the list - place information there.


The first result you will see in 2-3 months. For less time only white methods will not promote the site. The term of promotion strongly depends on the allocated budget. The more work we can do in the reporting period, the faster the site will reach the TOP.


Every month we send a detailed report with statistics on the works and the results they produced.


If the analysis specialist realizes that the site needs a new design and without this point TOP do not conquer, then first of all we will offer to make a redesign, and then to promote the site.


The site is promoted by a team of experts headed by a digital strategist. Everyone has impressive experience in lead promotion – we know what to do to make sure that the site is in the top and attracts clients.


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