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Brand recognition​

​Build relationships and share your company's values with carefully crafted content that is customized to your brand and target audience.

​Business growth

​Accelerate your business growth and profits with applied and proven digital marketing techniques including search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising (PPC) and more.

​Return on invested capital

​Increase your return on invested capital with competently delivered digital marketing solutions.


We use these services to identify and engage our clients’ target audiences in order to convert leads into sales. We prudently use all available data and optimize websites and campaigns to maximize the return on capital investment for our clients.

Our company have proven that an integrated approach utilizing all of these digital marketing services significantly increases online traffic.


Firstly, we use SEO tools to increase organic traffic to your website from search engines. FADS offers a comprehensive, professional and customizable SEO service that fits your business and delivers measurable results.


Secondly, we advertise your business online with Pay Per Click marketing, ensuring your ads are displayed in the right places, at the right time and in front of the right people to effectively increase brand awareness and generate leads. We usually use Google ADS, Facebook ads and Instagram ads. 


Conversion optimization is a process that improves your websites ability to convert more internet traffic into new customers. Carefully considered tweaks and changes can have a significant impact on conversion rates.

Obviously, user experience is everything when building new websites. Putting the user first and creating a clear, informative, and user-friendly design is a necessity. In addition, a mobile-friendly, responsive website with fast loading pages is essential for both your audience and search engines.

​Analysis of the competitive environment

Before we develop your digital marketing strategy, our consultants will conduct a full analysis of your online competitors, identifying their strengths, how they promote their business and the target audience they are targeting.


We create and market high quality, informative and well-structured content that engages website visitors, demonstrates expertise in your industry and helps you get a higher return on investment.

​Local optimization for search engines

Statistics show that 88 percent of consumers who search for local businesses online call or visit a store within 24 hours. Our internet marketing company ensures consistency in your name, address and phone number, enhances your location pages and performs local link building.

Online shopping generates 23 percent annual revenue growth. Take advantage of the various features of an online store to promote your products and provide customers with round-the-clock convenience. Our internet marketing company offers search engine optimization and paid online store advertising solutions to drive traffic to your website. We create more product reviews, optimize product pages and customize your marketing strategy to meet your customers’ needs.


​Video production

Surely, video marketing is a powerful and impressive medium when done right. Telling stories through video can take your brand to the next level and dramatically increase customer interaction. Grab your customers’ attention and generate buzz online with engaging, search engine optimized video content. From location scouting and scripting to motion graphics and video editing, we have everything you need to create your video.

​Why should your business utilize digital marketing services?

​Get more customers and rise high in the search results

Presently, the internet marketing industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. In 2022, digital advertising will generate around 700 million euros in Finland. As more and more companies invest their time and resources in online marketing, relying on old advertising tactics is no longer enough to attract customers. Increase your sales and build a strong digital foundation with value-based internet marketing services. Digital marketing can help you:

  • Saving time, money and resources 
  • ​Shaping brand image in online channels 
  • ​Obtaining a high return on investment (ROI)
  • ​​Maximizing the use of different customer touch points
  • ​Tracking campaign results
  • ​Promoting greater consumer participation
  • ​​Adjusting strategies based on analytics and data
  • ​Ensuring profitable long-term growth
  • ​Taking advantage of precision targeting
  • ​Increasing conversion rates

We know that approximately 42 percent of marketers consider lack of quality data as the main barrier to lead generation. With the help of a reliable internet marketing company, you can get a comprehensive view of the customer journey and competitive landscape.

Don’t waste your investment on marketing techniques that don’t deliver measurable results. Team up with FADS Internet Marketing Company today and strengthen your market position with our targeted digital marketing solutions.


​Why choose FADS as your digital marketing services agency?

FADS is a digital marketing company providing targeted advertising solutions. We are committed to helping businesses increase customer loyalty and maximize conversion rates. Trust us and our commitment to your brand’s digital success. Choose FADS and receive the following benefits (and many other digital marketing solutions):

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​Data-driven digital marketing services

​Research and data are integral to business success. Deliver the right message at the right time on the right platform with FADS' effective digital marketing services. We analyze your brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), creating relevant metrics and providing actionable insights.

​Specialists in this field

​FADS is made up of digital marketing professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field. We keep up with the latest trends and innovations, develop goal-oriented strategies, and ensure that all of our campaigns meet search engine guidelines. Whatever you need in other digital marketing solutions, we are here to help you.

​A personalized approach to digital marketing

​Our digital marketing company takes a 360-degree approach to online marketing. We will analyze your current marketing strategies and digital presence, establish key performance indicators (KPIs), define your brand personality and integrate your customer experience at all levels of the strategy. In this way, we will create a structured marketing framework that optimizes all digital touch points.

​Omnichannel personalization

​We found that 63 percent of consumers expect personalized branded experiences as a standard service. At FADS, we conduct audience analysis and needs assessments to develop customized online marketing strategies that drive business growth. Omnichannel personalization increases your revenue and builds brand loyalty.

​Monitoring and evaluation of campaign results

​How do you know if digital marketing services are working for your company? At FADS, we identify campaign performance metrics and regularly track and evaluate the success of your strategies. Using Google Analytics results, we customize your online marketing tactics and improve your approach to audience targeting to strengthen your financial position.

​Competitive pricing

​We are a client-centered digital marketing company. We design our online marketing services based on the industry requirements, your online needs and financial capability. In this way, we help you attract the online attention you need without major financial outlay.

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